Where can I get the YachtPad App and how much does it cost?

Apps for all currently supported yacht models are available on the AppStore for download for free.

How do I pair my iPad with YachtPad server?

Just log on to it's network in iPad's Settings. You will be provided with the necessary info through your yacht's Owner's manual. When you first run the App just scan the pairing QR code and you're in.

Does it work with any iPad?


How does the Smart Owner's Manual work?

You just scan the device on the boat you are interested in with the QR reader within the App, and it will take you to aproppriate section in the Owner's Manual.

Do I need anything besides the App for YachtPad to work?

Yes, you need a YachtPad Server. YachtPad Server is a device that actually gathers data from your yacht and serves it to the YachtPad App. It comes preinstalled on your yacht by your yacht builder.

I want a YachtPad but it doesn't exist for my yacht yet. What should I do?

There is a high chance we're already talking with the manufacturer of your yacht about this, but we'll definitely appreciate you pinging them telling them you want your yacht on your iPad ASAP.

Is YachtPad a standard equipment of the yachts or is it sold as an accessory?

It is sold separately so be sure to specify that when buying a yacht.

I already own a yacht. Can I get it retrofitted with YachtPad?

Retrofit kits will be available soon. Drop us an email and we'll keep you posted.

How can YachtPad read all the on-board equipment?

YachtPad's data acquisition unit is modular. That means we adapt YachtPad servers to different yacht models in cooperation with yacht manufacturers.